More maps: ADS launches another map interface

ADS Map-Based search

In the last issue of this newsletter it was noted that the ADS was moving towards providing larger-scale maps in order to allow users of ArchSearch to undertake refined geo-spatial searches.

This has now become a reality. Click on the opening outline map of Great Britain and you are zoomed into detailed mapping covering a 30 kilometre square centred on where you clicked. If your click was slightly out you can navigate to adjacent map squares. Once in position simply select the size of the search area and click on the detailed map at the centre of your area of interest.

This new level of map detail builds on previous simple ‘point and click mapping’, but allows for much more precision in the selection of resources. In addition, the geo-spatial footprint of each resource in the catalogue has allowed the ADS to connect with other online resources, including low resolution aerial photographs supplied by, and OS mapping from Though relatively simple to create, these links demonstrate the opportunities for interoperability between geo-spatial resources where they are described appropriately.

The next stage, as part of a major upgrade of ArchSearch, will be to link ‘clickable map’ searching to other metadata used to describe resources. For example, linking to when and what would allow the user to click on a map and search for Roman (when) Villas (what) in a defined area!

The map-based interface to the catalogue will also be attached to the front of HEIRPORT, the ADS’s prototype Z39.50 portal, demonstrating the potential of geospatial searching across different on line databases held in various different locations

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