Geophysics Guide to Good Practice released

The last while has also seen rapid developments in the publication of the AHDS’s Guides to Good Practice Series.

October saw the launch of the fourth in the series, Geophysical Data in Archaeology, a Guide to Good Practice by Armin Schmidt of Bradford University.

The Guide follows the whole process of geophysical survey in archaeology, from specification at the planning stage, through project design, project planning and archiving. It looks in some detail at the development and documentation of data through the life-cycle of a project, such as ‘desk-top’ research, fieldwork documentation, analytical processes and dissemination of results.

Geophysical data present particular challenges to archiving since they are not as widely used as ‘conventional’ data types like images or texts. Thus, the Guide makes a significant contribution to the preservation of geophysical datasets. The web-based dissemination and archiving of geophyiscal data offers a unique test case in the use of archived digital data.

The Guide is currently available in digital copy from the ADS website, though paper publication is imminent.

Other guides in the series have been selling well: the guide for GIS is now out of print. Work continues apace on new guides, including a guide for Computer Aided Design (CAD) which is due for release in the New Year. A cross-disciplinary guide for Virtual Reality is also in an advanced state of readiness, currently undergoing review and commentary in anticipation of release.

The AHDS Guides to Good Practice Series is on line at the ADS website with links to all current guides:

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