All change at the ADS: new faces and new jobs ...

Catherine Hardman - New collections Development Manager

The last six months have seen a rapid series of changes in the ADS staff, and their responsibilities.

In March 2001, Prof Rosemary Cramp stepped down as Chair of the ADS Advisory Committee, to be replaced by Vice Chair, Dr Jeremy Huggett. Dr Huggett is now joined by Prof Timothy Darvill of Bournemouth University as Vice Chair, with Dr Mike Heyworth conitnuing his role as Vice Chair.

Kate Fernie was originally seconded to the ADS from English Heritage for twelve months to work on developing content for PATOIS. That period has been extended for another twelve months, partly to complete the review and dissemination stages of PATOIS, but also with a new role as a research officer for the HEIRNET consortium.

Pete McKinney of the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute at Glasgow University has also been working for the ADS for the last few months as a partner in the PATOIS project.

Perhaps the biggest change to the ADS, however, came in July when Damian Robison, Collections Development Manager, won a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship. This prestigious award allows Damian to return to Bradford University to concentrate on his long-term research interests in the archaeology of Pompeii. He will thus leave the ADS at Christmas 2001 to take up his new appointment.

Damian'ís successor as Collections Development Manager, Catherine Hardman, will take up post in December, allowing for a period of transition. Catherine currently works for Cumbria County Council on a series of extensive urban surveys. She is a graduate of the universities of Bradford , Leeds and York.

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