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Downloading your Virtual Walkabout

Once you have completed all the boxes on the form, check to make sure that the details are all correct. Remember, some of the boxes may be blank. If you need to start again, clicking on the 'start again' button will clear all your values. Once you are sure the Generator has been filled in correctly, you are ready to create your Walkabout. Click on the 'Generate Walkabout' button.

Your walkabout has now been generated, though you cannot view it yet: before you can use it you have to save it to your own computer. However, your walkabout is linked from this page. Save it to your own computer to view it. To do this:

Almost there

Before you can view your walkabout properly, you also need to download some icons - the small arrows that help you navigate the walkabout. These are linked from the same page where you collected your walkabout. These files are important because they will make your walkabout look a lot more professional when you show it to others. However, the icons are compressed into a single "zip" file for simplicity called "" - so you will need to "unzip" them first. To get these files you need to:

Hey Presto!

You are now ready to open and view your walkabout!

Open the walkabout file that you saved to your local drive. This time the walkabout should work perfectly with images and icons in place.

Spend a while working through your walkabout, and check that the details are correct. In particular, make sure your photographs appear in the order you expect them to. If they do not, you may have mis-named an image file. To correct this, you will need to change the file name and reload the Walkabout.

Barring any gremlins your walkabout is now complete. As long as you are online, you can show it to other members of the project team on a computer, send it to your tutor, or present it to an audience using a data projector.

Hints and Tips

Your walkabout will work without downloading the arrow icons, so if that step is too demanding, you can skip it. The result will be that the walkabout looks less professional - but it will still work. The icons are also available for download on the page where you downloaded your walkabout and download the "zip" file. Save this in the 'icons' sub-directory of the 'mywalkabout' directory, and then proceed as instructed above.

To extract the images from the zip file, you will need a tool like 'Alladin Expander', 'PKUnzip' or 'WinZip'. These are available for free on the Internet, though you should ask advice of your tutor first because there is certain to be local software that you can use.

If you do not know how to 'unzip' a file or are uncertain, ask your tutor or IT officer for help. Remember that if you are intending to show your walkabout to others in your class that the computer you use may not be connected to the university network.

Alternatively, you can download the images one by one. Right-click on the image below and select 'Save picture as...' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save image as...' (Netscape) or 'Save image...' (Opera) and save the image into your icons directory. You will need to download both the bold and the 'greyed out' versions of each image. The borders will not appear in the walkabout.


Finally, if you want to put your walkabout on a university website, then you may find that the images are not displayed. This is because the file structure may be different, and the files not found. If that occurs, then contact us by email at email and we can advise how to resolve that.