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Completing the Walkabout Generator

The Walkabout Generator is an electronic version of the image logbook. All you have to do is transfer the information from your logbook into the form. In addition, there are a few boxes requesting general information about your walkabout, e.g. where your images are stored (there is a default setting here), or what you want to call your own walkabout.

  1. Image Name. In the far left hand box enter the filename of your first image, e.g. in the example here our first photograph is labelled 'a1' (you do not need to include the file extension (e.g. gif or jpg)

  2. Image Details. The five boxes to the right of the 'image filename' box (named 'step left', 'turn left' etc.) are the same as those in your image logbook. Just copy your entries into the form. Remember, you don't have to enter a filename in all the cells. IMPORTANT: if you need more boxes just click on the + sign at the bottom of the table

  3. Image Caption. In this box you can enter any notes relating to the image that you recorded in the 'caption' column of your image logbook. They will appear in the Caption Box on the left-hand side of the walkabout

  4. File paths. The next four questions ask you to enter the location of the various copies of the images you have made. If you followed the instructions in the section called Downloading your images, the location will already be filled in for you and you need not enter anything else in these four boxes. If you have called your folders something else, delete the default name and enter your folder names in the appropriate box

  5. File extensions. Again, if you followed the advice given in the hints section of the Downloading Your Images page, the JPG file extension will already be filled in for you and you need not enter anything in this box. If your files have GIF extensions, delete the default name and change setting to GIF

  6. Starting Image Name. Enter the file name of the first photograph in your walkabout (in our example it is 'a1')

  7. Blank Thumbnail Name. If you followed the advice given in the section called Resizing your images, the thumbnail image name (named 'blank') will already be filled in for you and you need not enter anything in this box

  8. Name of file.. This is the computer file name for your walkabout. The default is set at 'myfile'. You can assign a file name of your own, but make sure it has no spaces and is not more than eight characters long

  9. Title of Walkabout. Enter the name of your walkabout (e.g. the name of the monument)

  10. Descriptive Text. You can add a small amount of text describing your walkabout, or perhaps, adding your names to the front page

Hints and Tips

If you are uncertain what information to supply there is addition help under the ? at the top of each section.