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After Your Fieldwork
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Downloading your Images

When you have finished your photographic survey and are back at base you will need to perform three pieces of file management: transfer the images to your local computer; resize the images for the Walkabout generator; and create a blank thumbnail image.

If you used a digital camera in the field the images will already be in electronic format (most likely '.jpg'). All you will have to do is transfer the images across to your filestore. Your tutor will advise you on the procedures available in your department.

Unfortunately most digital cameras do not allow you to easily assign filenames to the photographs. Instead, as your images are transferred to your computer they are given a random filename (usually a number). However, for the Virtual Walkabout to arrange your photographs correctly the images need to be given new filenames. To do this we use the station and photo numbers assigned to each photograph in the image logbook:

Hints and Tips

Make sure that you name ALL the folders, subfolders and new filenames in lowercase (e.g. 'mywalkabout', 'medium', 'a1.jpg' etc.)

The random filenames generated by your camera should be sequential. In other words, the numbers will relate to the order in which the photographs were taken. If you have difficulty identifying an image this should help you.

File extensions. The default file extension for digital cameras is '.jpg'. This is also the default setting for the Walkabout and you should always try to use this format with photographic images. If this is not possible the Walkabout also accepts '.gif' files. You can change the file extension setting in the Walkabout generator. IMPORTANT: make sure that ALL your images are saved in the same format.