Virtual WalkAbout
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Planning Your Fieldwork

There are three stages to this part of the project:

Selecting a Suitable Object or Monument

You can create a Virtual Walkabout using just about any three dimensional object, from something as small as an individual artefact (a coin, a flint tool, a pot) to bigger objects such as monuments and landscapes. This tutorial will create a Virtual Walkabout for a monument, but the principles are the same whatever object you choose.

Assessing the Monument

Ideally you should try to visit the monument you have selected before you start work on the project. An assessment should seek to ascertain the following types of information:

If all is well, you should also use the assessment visit to think about how you will conduct your walkabout survey. You should:

Creating a Work Plan

The information you collect on your assessment visit should be used to compile a work plan for the project. This is a valuable document and you may need to get it approved before you start on the fieldwork. It should include:

Hints and Tips

The work plan does not have to be a lengthy document to be effective. A good way to approach a work plan is to create a table listing the tasks you have to do, who will do them, the time it should take etc.

If you have conducted an on-site assessment of the monument you can also estimate the number of pictures you will need to take to conduct the survey. This should help you estimate time and processing costs.