This tutorial has become rather out of date and so we will be removing it from our web site soon. Please let us know by email if you use this tutorial.

Virtual WalkAbout

Welcome to the Virtual Walkabout Tutorial!

The following pages provide a short tutorial to help you carry out a simple fieldwork project in which you will collect images of an archaeological monument, then present the images that you have gathered with an interactive display


The tutorial has 4 main sections which in turn breaks down into a number of discrete tasks. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your own Virtual Walkabout in the following stages.

1. Introduction

Aims and Objectives - What is a Virtual Walkabout? - How does it work? - An example - Making your own Virtual Walkabout

2. Fieldwork

Planning your fieldwork - In the field - Filling in the image logbook

3. After your fieldwork

Downloading your images - Processing your images - Downloading the Virtual Walkabout Programme - Completing the Walkabout generator - Viewing your Virtual Walkabout

4. Conclusions

Questions - Conclusions

How to Use this tutorial

Simply follow the instructions provided on screen for each page, then once you have completed those tasks, click on the "next page" link at the bottom of each page. If you want to move backwards, use the "previous page" link, and if you want to skip to a specific section, click on the link on the bar along the top.