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Exercise: Constructing references

Question 1
Look carefully at the following reference. Which ONE of the following statements is true?

Gamble, C. 1991. The social context for European Palaeolithic art, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society. 3-15.

Question 2
If a reference has four or more authors, like the one below, what is the appropriate abbreviation?

Oakley, K.P., Andrews, P., Keeley, L.H., Clark, D.J. 1977. A reappraisal of the Clacton spearpoint. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society. 43, 13-30.

Question 3
The text referenced below appears in an edited book. How should you cite this work in the body of an essay?

Tip: you may select more than one answer

Mellars, P . 1994. The Upper Palaeolithic revolution. In B. Cunliffe (ed/s.), The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe . Oxford: University Press, 42-78.

Question 4
In the summer of 1984 N. Toth published a paper in volume 20 of the Journal of Archaeological Science. It was called 'The Olduwan reconsidered: A close look at early stone artifacts'. It appeared between pages 101 and 120. Which ONE of the following bibliographic references is correct?

Question 5
Which of the following references is correct for this website had you visited it on the 28th of October, 2003?: