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Exercise: Constructing references

Question 1
Look carefully at the following reference. Which ONE of the following statements is true?

Shott, M.J. 1989. Shovel Test Sampling in Archaeological Survey: Comments on Nance and Ball, and Lightfoot, American Antiquity. 396-404.

Question 2
If a reference has four or more authors, like the one below, what is the appropriate abbreviation?

Law, I.A. , Housley, R.A. , Hedges, R.E.M. 1989. Radiocarbon dates from the Oxford AMS system: Archaeometry datelist 9. Archaeometry. 31(2), 207-234.

Question 3
The text referenced below appears in an edited book. How should you cite this work in the body of an essay?

Tip: you may select more than one answer

Clark, A.J. 1987. Site Prospecting. In P. Mellars (ed/s.), Research Priorities in Archaeological Science. London: Council for British Archaeology, 38-39.

Question 4
In the summer of 1983 P. Bleed published a paper in volume 10 of the Journal of Field Archaeology. It was called 'Management Techniques and Archaeological Fieldwork'. It appeared between pages 494 and 498. Which ONE of the following bibliographic references is correct?

Question 5
Which of the following references is correct for this website had you visited it on the 11th of December, 2003?: