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Why Reading?

Reading. It sounds simple, doesn't it? You've been doing it for years and there doesn't seem much to it. You're doing it right now.

But did you know that there are different types of reading? And that you probably already use two of three different types of reading yourself? More importantly, did you know that selecting the right type of reading can save you hours of sweat and toil in the library? These are just some examples of how paying a little attention to something as simple as your reading can improve your academic performance at University.

It's a common assumption among new students that all that is required to get through their university course is to do more of what they have already been doing at secondary school, or in the workplace, if you are returning to education. After all, you've been quite successful at it - otherwise you wouldn't be here.

But this is a big mistake. Academic study at university is altogether a different thing. Academic study is about peeling back the layers of phenomena and examining what lies beneath, and to do that effectively you need to use the right tools. Reading is just one of them, but as we'll see in this tutorial, there's a lot more to it than that.