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Environment and Heritage Service: Built Heritage maintains the Northern Ireland SMR Sites & Monuments Record for the six counties of Northern Ireland, holding information on approx. 15,000 sites. These range from Mesolithic camp sites, Bronze age landscapes preserved under bog, through the Early Christian monasteries ,the castles of the Norman conquest and the defended houses of the Plantation settlers.

Round Tower, Devenish, Co. Fermanagh (© EHS)

The NISMR information is used to identify sites and monuments for statutory protection and is also used to identify sites and monuments which are threatened by proposed land-use changes, such as infrastructure and built development, mineral extraction and agricultural projects and forestry schemes.

The information supplied to the Archaeological database is a subset derived from the SMR, downloaded on 9th June 1999.

The following data is referenced in the on-line version of the SMR...
Name of resource: Effectively the title
Description: A short abstact
Map refreference: Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland grid reference, to 10 metre precision (where known)
Place: The site name (where applicable)
Townland: Still an important spatial unit in Ireland. There are several townlands within a parish
District/Unitary Authority: The area a Council has responsibility for
Period: An archaeological period; Bronze Age, Medieval, etc. These are broadly similar to the MIDAS standard used in England but may have different timespans. The Romans did not reach Ireland (at least not significantly) so the Iron Age extends up to the beginning of the Early Christian period which in turn lasts until the Medieval period. Further period and timespan information can be found in the catalogue help system glossary
Subject: The subject of a resource, for example, rath, crannog, etc. With Period, a repeating field
Depositor ID: SMR number, a unique identifier for a record ( quote this in any correspondence or queries)

Our information is drawn from the Ordnance Survey 6" map series and the contemporary, detailed OS Memoirs, compiled by the Ordnance Surveyors (c1832 onwards), antiquarian and historical sources, EHS own field survey programme, excavations and local knowledge. Fieldwork and research are ongoing and new sites are constantly being discovered - the SMR is not a complete or definitive record of all sites in Northern Ireland, it simply records what we know today - there is always more to be found tomorrow!

Currently, 181 of our sites are in State Care and some 1350 sites and areas are scheduled for protection under the Historic Monuments and Archaeological Objects(NI) Order 1995, as part of an ongoing protection programme. The majority of sites and monuments in private ownership, on private land - inclusion in the NISMR does not imply right of access for the general public.

Apart from the on-line version the NISMR is made available to the public through the Monuments and Buildings Record, which holds information on Listed and other Historic buildings, Historic Parks, Gardens and Demesnes and sites of Industrial Heritage Interest. Information on opening times is available from the number below.

Please contact MBR if you have any queries about the SMR or require further information, including copyright requests. All data supplied by the SMR is supplied for internal purposes or private research & the user is not entitled to copy or reproduce information from the SMR in the public domain without the written permission of the copyright holder.

From Devenish, Co. Fermanagh (© EHS)

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