Please note that the ARENA project has ended and these pages are no longer updated. ARENA has been superseded by the ARIADNE Portal.

ARENA Network Information

Introducing the ARENA Network and its Partners

ARENA is concerned with conservation and presentation of the European archaeological heritage through new information technologies. This project is carried out with the support of the European Community through the Culture2000 programme and has six partner organisations in Poland, Romania, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom. The lead partner in the project is the Archaeology Data Service which is the Arts and Humanities Data Service Centre for Archaeology and is located at the Department of Archaeology at the University of York in the UK.

Archaeological data is regularly collected in digital format and is currently conserved and presented on the World Wide Web on a nation by nation basis by organisations such as the Archaeology Data Service in the UK. Expertise in digital archiving and data presentation is wide spread in many national heritage bodies. It is the purpose of the ARENA Network to bring together some of these key European heritage stakeholders to share and extend their skills and experience. The ARENA Network partners share and develop expertise in the conservation of archaeological data. In doing this they develop and use metadata standards and innovative new technologies; they also work actively to raise public and academic awareness of these issues.

Who are the ARENA Network partners?

Iceland: Fornleifastofnun Íslands, The Institute of Archaeology, Iceland. Norway: The Museum Project, Oslo. United Kingdom - Archaeology Data Service, University of York United Kingdom - Archaeology Data Service, University of York Denmark: National Agency for Cultural Heritage, Copenhagen. Poland: Poznan Archaeological Museum. Romania: cIMeC, Institute for Cultural Memory, Bucharest.

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