Please note that the ARENA project has ended and these pages are no longer updated. ARENA has been superseded by the ARIADNE Portal.

ARENA Papers

As part of the work of the ARENA project papers will be published describing various aspects of the partners work. If a paper is available electronically it is made available here and marked with an asterisk:


Kenny, J. and Richards, J.D. 2005. 'Pathways to a Shared European Information Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage'. Internet Archaeology 18.

Aldred, O. 2005. 'Out with the Old in with the New? Online Presentation of Excavation Archives' Internet Archaeology 18.

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Dam, C. and Hansen, H.J. 2005. 'The European Digital Resource in Archaeology: Sites and Monuments Data as a Common European Web Resource' Internet Archaeology 18.

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Waller, S.J. 2005. 'Future Connections: The Potential of Web service and Portal Technologies for the Historic Environment' Internet Archaeology 18.


Kenny, J and Austin, T. 2004. 'Data preservation: Exploring the 'rescue' role of the Archaeology Data Service' in Content Management Focus vol 3 issue 5, 25-29
This paper discusses the 'rescue' of the Danebury archive as part of the ARENA project.

Kenny, J., W.G. Kilbride, O. Aldred, C.H. Dam, 2004. 'Deploying digital data: Making the most of digital archives for archaeology' in The European Archaeologist no 20, Winter 2003/2004, 16-19
This paper can be viewed on line by members of the EAA at


*Austin, T. 2003. "Dublin Core metadata schema: ADS interpretation and mapping for the ARENA project partners" (pdf file), Unpublished paper presented to the ARENA partners meeting, Vienna, April 2003

Kenny, J., W.G. Kilbride and J.D. Richards. 2003. 'Enter the ARENA: preservation and access for Europe's archaeological archives' in M. Doerr and A. Sarris (eds), Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 2002, Archive of Monuments and Publications, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, p 349-353

Kenny, J. 2003. 'FISH at Bangor: FISHing in a European Sea' in The Archaeologist, Summer 2003 Number 49, p14
A summary of a workshop organised by the author at the Institute of Field Archaeologists conference in the UK.

*Kenny, J. and Kilbride, W.G. 2003. 'Europe's Digital Inheritance: ARENA Archives Launched' in the CSA Newsletter: Computer Technologies for Archaeologists & Architectural Historians. Vol XVI No 1. Spring 2003.


Richards, J.D. 2002. 'Digital Preservation and Access' in The Journal of European Archaeology, vol. 5 no. 3 December 2002, 343-366.

*Kenny, J. and Kilbride, W.G. 2002. 'Networked Access to Digital Archaeological Archives in the European ARENA.' in the CSA Newsletter: Computer Technologies for Archaeologists & Architectural Historians. Vol XV No 2. Fall 2002.

ADS Newsletters

The ARENA project is a regular feature in the ADS newsletter. This is distributed widely both in the UK and world wide. The ADS newsletter is also published online as ADS Online.