Archaeological Records of Europe - Networked Access

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Metadata Information

Metadata simply means 'data about data' or 'information about information' but it's the important key to quickly finding networked information and it underpins the ADS catalogue.

The following documents will give you useful information about what metadata is and what it does:

Resource Discovery Workshop report — final version [archive]. This report is from an ADS workshop held in March 1997 to explore issues related to discovering and describing electronic archaeological resources in a distributed environment such as the World Wide Web.

Why Metadata Matters in Archaeology — an article in the electronic journal Internet Archaeology.

The Dublin-Core homepage.

XML — from the people who brought you Hypertext and the World Wide Web comes… the future of hierarchical data interchange!

Coming soon — Discovering Online Resources Across the Humanities: a practical implementation of the Dublin Core 2 — a revised edition.

A metadata example for geophysics data. [archive]

Generate metadata for your web page!

An Application of Dublin Core to Archaeological Data [archive]

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