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Arena Gateway Service

This page describes the various schema used in an Arena Gateway Service. Please note although the schema found on this page may be subject to change throughout the development process of the Arena 2 project.

Arena Gateway Service WSDL

A WSDL (Web Services Description Language) document is an XML document describing a Web Service - the location of the service and the operations (or methods) the service exposes. The following WSDL document thus describes the Gateway Service, and can be used as a basis for creating complinat services:

Arena Gateway Service Schema

The Arena Gateway Service Schema is referenced by the Arena Gateway Service WSDL document, defining the specific methods an Arena Gateway Service can implement:

Arena Gateway Service Data Model

While the Arena Gateway Service Schema defines the methods an Arena Gateway Service should implement, it also references the following schema which essentially define the data model used in an Arena Gateway Service implementation:

Midas-Heirnet XML?

It was necessary to make some adjustments to the current MidasXML schema to give some of the core Midas elements greater flexibility. The Arena Gateway Service thus makes use of this modified 'Midas-Heirnet XML' for data exchange. Although the changes were indeed minor, and in most cases consumers of existing MidasXML should still be able to use Midas-Heirnet data, the creation of this modified MidasXML schema was done to avoid any confusion with the existing standard.

Differences between MidasXML 1.0 and Midas-Heirnet:

Arena Gateway Service tModel

A tModel is a data structure representing a type of service in the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) enabled Heirnet Register. The tModel is an abstraction for a technical specification of a service type, organizing the service type's information and making it accessible in the registry database.

The Arena Gateway Service tModel describes a Gateway Service by including a pointer to the Gateway Service WSDL document. In this way the Heirnet Registry can process a client query to return a list of available services complete with the necessary information to enable a client application to bind to.

The Arena Gateway Service tModel is defined as follows:

<tModel tModelKey="uuid:26D68320-4099-11DE-BA10-CCF8371EB21E">
	<name>Arena Gateway Service tModel</name>
	<description>tModel for Arena Gateway Service</description>
		<description>WSDL document for Arena Gateway Service</description>
		<keyedReference keyName="uddi-org:types" keyValue="wsdlSpec"

From inspection of the Arena Gateway Service tModel, one can see the unique tModelKey : uuid:26D68320-4099-11DE-BA10-CCF8371EB21E.

The overviewDoc element contains the pointer to the Arena Gateway Service WSDL document as the value of its overviewURL element.

Further, the tModel is assigned a category of wsdlSpec, meaning that a service implementing this model must be a WSDL based web service.

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