Please note that the ARENA project has ended and these pages are no longer updated. ARENA has been superseded by the ARIADNE Portal.

ARENA Meetings and Publicity

As ARENA grows so it will generate material for this section. Most of the material is from conference presentations, the minutes from meetings and general publicity. This section of our web site contains connections to powerpoint presentations from our appearences at conferences and other meetings, connections to publicity from newspapers and our own leaflets and the minutes of the meetings of the ARENA partners.

ARENA Final Report

Download the Final ARENA report, produced at the end of the project in 2004.

The e-journal Internet Archaeology published a special ARENA issue in September 2005. The papers are all available at:

ARENA Interim Report to the EC

At the end of the first and second years of the ARENA project an interim report is submitted to the EU for monitoring purposes. The ARENA First Year Intrim Report is available here giving an overview of ARENA activity in our first year of existance.

The ARENA second year report on the project was published in December 2003.

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Meetings of the ARENA partners

The minutes of the meetings of the ARENA project are available here:

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As the ARENA project grows we will also generate publicity, in the world of archaeology, heritage and digital archiving and through local media where the partner organisations are based. For example cEMeC the Institute for Cultural Memory, our Romanian partners, have produced a web site to promote ARENA.

Other ARENA Network Publicity and Interactions

Newspaper Article (Dec 2002) Perhaps the earliest publicity regarding ARENA can be found in the Icelandic newspaper the Morgunlaðið published soon after ARENA was given the "green light" by Culture 2000.

Meeting (Jan 2003) with the Go-Geo Project, Colchester, UK. Dr Jonathan Kenny invited to represent ARENA at the public demonstration of the Go-Geo project led by Edina at Edinburgh University.

Meeting (Jan 2003) with KY Lam from Hong Kong Antiquities and Monuments Office. Dr Jonathan Kenny presented the ARENA project to this key international heritage management agency.

Presentation (Jan 2003) Oscar Aldred presented the ARENA project to the Society of Icelandic Archaeologists. Participation in ARENA has fostered the development of standards in Iceland.

Paper (Feb 2003): 'Digital Preservation and ARENA' given by Dr Jonathan Kenny to the staff and invited guests of the Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek (ROB) in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. This paper was part of an invited seminar given to ROB by the staff of the ADS.

Meeting (Feb 2003) to discuss the ARENA project with Bert Hoeve and staff from Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek (ROB) in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. This was an important opportunity to disseminate information about the ARENA project to the national agency responsible for archaeology in Holland.

Meeting (Feb 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny presented the ARENA project to the archaeology staff from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland.

National Radio Interview (March 2003) Our Romanian partners at cIMeC have been publicing ARENA on air too! Irina Oberlander-Tarnoveanu has made a number of appearences on Romanian radio. In her latest appearence Irina spoke on the National Radio Channel ROMANIA CULTURAL about the ARENA project and our meeting in Poznan - in a programme about "Science Today".

Conference Paper (April 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny gave a paper at the Institute of Field Archaeologists UK conference in Bangor, Wales entitled 'Getting on with Culture 2000: The ARENA Experience'.

Workshop (April 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny was invited by FISH (Forum for Information Standards in Heritage) to organise, chair and contribute to a workshop at the Institute of Field Archaeologists conference in Bangor, Wales. The workshop was entitled 'FISHing in the European Sea'. The workshop brought together a number of European or International projects to debate standards in heritage. Six presentations were made at the FISH roundtable. Three of these concerned EU funded partnerships; Culture 2000 funds ARENA, Planarch is funded by Interreg IIC and EuroFISH was a proposed 'Network of Excellence' under the latest EU funding strand 'Framework 6'. Two of the presentations concerned projects that are aimed at making information available across national boundaries within the UK; SWISH links Scotland and Wales and Biab links the UK and Ireland. The sixth presentation was made by CIDOC a long running project that proposes a core standard for archaeological and architectural heritage using the conceptual reference model (CRM).

Conference (April 2003) Claus Dam presented the ARENA project in a paper entitled 'Digitale udgravningsarkiver' (Digital Excavation Archives) at the 3rd biannual conference on GIS for Archaeologists. April 23rd, Jelling, Denmark.

In March and April 2004 the Romania Cultural national broadcasting organisation invited Irina Oberlander Tarnoveanu to speak about the CIMEC participation in European projects and to answer questions from the listeners. A presentation of the project ARENA (in English) will appear in a book edited by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs in December 2003.

Seminar (May 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny represented ARENA at a seminar organised by the National e-Science centre entitled 'Schemas and Ontologies: Building a Semantic Infrastructure for the GRID and Digital Libraries'. This was an important seminar to inform the project on the potential in developing subject based thesauri and ontologies for future interoperability.

Meeting (May 2003) with Professor Michael Buckland, School of Information Management and Systems, University of California, Berkley. Dr Jonathan Kenny presented and discussed the work of the ARENA project to Professor Buckland, a leading researcher in the interoperable sharing of information.

Meeting (May 2003) with Malcolm Atkin, Victoria Bryant and Neil Lockett from the Worcestershire Historic Environment and Archaeology Service. Dr Jonathan Kenny introduced the ARENA project to the representatives of this forward thinking organisation who are making a number of heritage and archaeology data sets freely available on the Internet.

Roundtable (June 2003) organised by CIMEC and Irina Oberlander Tarnoveanu at the Annual Archaeological Reports Conference of Romanian archaeologists (4th - 6th of June 2003, Covasna) were Irina presented the ARENA project and distributed 200 leaflets.

Paper (June 2003) Dr Andrzej Prinke gave a paper at the Vth World Archaeological Congress in Washington D.C. (Session 5 -Advancing Access to Digital Data: Strategies for Preserving Archaeological Digital Records): 'ARENA (Archaeological Records of Europe - Networked Access); role of the Polish museum' to be published in a Session volume.

Roundtable (Sept 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny was invited to speak at a roundtable session organised by the eRC (European Reference Collections) group. This session relates to the development of a network (inspired by ARENA) for the sharing and public presentation of data relating to archaeological reference collections.

Meeting (Sept 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny presented the ARENA project to members of three key organisations in Holland at a meeting held in York. Attending the meeting were; Ronald Wiemer and Mirjam Wiselwey (ROB), Milco Wansleeben (University of Leiden) and Roel Brandt director of the Dutch college of archaeological quality. The meeting was used to discuss issues relating to the creation of a network for digital assets in Dutch archaeology on the ARENA / ADS model.

Student Supervision (Oct 2003) Dr Andrzej Prinke provides for consultations to two students of archaeology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan who prepare their MA papers on European projects concerning archaeology; the example of ARENA Project will be extensively applied there.

Student Supervision (Oct 2003) A student from Denmark completed a paper on the ARENA project: Marlene Gjørtz: 'En kritisk analyse af ARENA-projektet målsætning og relaiseringsforslad' (A critical analysis of objectives and implementation of the ARENA project)

Interview (Oct 2003) given by Dr Andrzej Prinke in the leading regional daily 'Glos Wielkopolski' highlighting the role of the Poznan Archaeological Museum in European projects (ArchTerra, ARENA and AREA III).

Popular Article (Oct 2003) by Dr Andrzej Prinke in the leading regional daily 'Glos Wielkopolski' (weekend edition) on the Internet gallery of 220 pre-war photos from the famous Biskupin excavations (1934-1939), executed as a part of the ARENA Project.

Seminar (Oct 2003) Dr Christian-Emile Ore and Dr Jonathan Kenny presented both ARENA and the Museum Project at a seminar organised by the Welsh Museums Council in Swansea, Wales. The seminar was organised for the University Museums of Wales, it was an initiative to demonstrate good practice in networking organisations both technically and through working together. It was a testament to the work of the ARENA partnership that by the end of our second year of operation we are being selected as an example of good practice.

Seminar (Oct 2003) Dr Henrik Jarl Hansen gave a paper at a seminar in Florence entitled Projects on Digital Resources Access and Preservation. The paper was entitled "The future of digital memory and cultural heritage", Firenze, Italy 16-17 October.

Seminar (Oct 2003) Dr Henrik Jarl Hansen gave a paper at a seminar in Naples entitled towards an integrated system for the recording, management and presentation of the archaeological heritage. The paper was entitled "Territorial Information systems for the conservation, preservation and management of cultural heritage" Naples, Italy 23-24. October.

Symposium (Nov 2003) Dr Jonathan Kenny represented ARENA at the VAST (Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage) symposium in Brighton, UK. This was an important opportunity for ARENA to attend an international symposium in a field where the standards and procedures for digital preservation are being developed. The ARENA project was also able to feed into the development of the EPOCH network of excellence under Framework 6. These contacts have been important to the broader networking and dissemination activity of the project.

Meeting (Jan 2004) Dr Julian Richards and Dr Jonathan Kenny held a one day meeting with Jean-Noel Anslijn from the Musee National d'Histoire et d'Art de Luxembourg to discuss standards in documentation for web resources.

Seminar (Feb 2004), Held at the Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland for the archaeological community of Iceland. This seminar was chaired by Ásgeir Friðgeirsson and was entited: "Online archaeological digital archives: preservation, access and Archaeological Records of Europe: Networked Access (ARENA)". There were five papers in total:

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