Archaeological Records of Europe - Networked Access

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You can see a summary of each archive in your preferred language but the archives themselves are in the local language. If you have never used online archives before we suggest you take the time to look at the Using Online Archives page. Here you will find tutorials developed by the ADS through the PATOIS project, allowing you to develop your skills in using online archives.

ARENA Archives

One of the key objectives of the ARENA project is to make digital archaeological archives freely available through the Internet. On these pages you will find contributions from the six ARENA partners. The Archives range from single excavations to key indeces of excavations. Where available it is possible to download digital archives such as databases to use on your own Personal Computer.

The ARENA archives page was made live in April 2003 for the CAA conference in Vienna. The archives are however, still under development as more data becomes available or partners develop new interfaces. As a result of the development of archives users should treat the site as 'work in progress'. If an archive is not available you can contact Jon Kenny (email) to find out when a particular resource is likely to 'go live'.

Using the ARENA Archives

You can access a list of the ARENA archives in one of six languages. Select your preferred language from the flags above. As the site is still 'work in progress' you may find that some translations are not yet available. When you access the archive pages themselves you will find them in the local language although some provide an English summary. Some of the archives will allow you to return to this page by clicking on the ARENA logo.